*Information about WANTSEE – Travel.


My name is Igor, I love to travel and photograph people.


People are the largest and most diverse attraction of the whole world known to us. I believe that travel and tourism are more than just getting familiar with architectural monuments or any other attractions. First of all, traveling is meeting people and replacing your stereotypes about the country with your actual impressions. I want to tell everyone a story about people through my photos, the meaning of which is the same regardless of the language.

About exhibitions.

  • My photo exhibition has no political, religious, or ideological context.
  • None of the photos were taken secretly or when people did not know that they were being photographed.

Invitations for an exhibition in your city are welcome! Please, agree on the venue in advance. Preference will be given to educational institutions.

Collaboration and help.

1. You can invite me to your city and organize the exhibition. Preference will be given to schools and other educational institutions. Please, let me know in advance. You can find here the dates, the route by countries and cities, and preliminary length of stay. The photos are already printed out and the whole exhibition is entirely FREE.

2. We will be glad to cooperate with official tourism organizations and government bodies interested in the development of tourism or cultural exchange in their regions.

3. You can become a partner of the photo exhibition in your city, country, or for the entire world trip. The lives of people and traditions of faraway countries are always appealing, and photographs do not require translation and are understood regardless of the language spoken.


The easiest way to contact me is via Facebook. I check it most often, at any opportunity and the availability of the Internet.

Please note that i am not always connected to the internet and i cannot always respond to your messages promptly.