I see the purpose of trips in expanding the boundaries of perception of the world around us, in contact with the wisdom of ancient tribal cultures, in communicating with the local population.

Alex: Your Guide to Discovering the Soul of Asia.

Alex is an experienced guide and adventurer, specializing in organizing individual tours with a focus on pilgrimage and extreme bike tours in South East Asian countries.

His journey began in 2006, intertwining with a dedicated yoga practice. In 2008, Alex embarked on a new chapter as a guide in a Moscow travel agency, specializing in holy places in India, Nepal, and Tibet. Over the course of 70 trips, he led pilgrimages to the spiritual heartlands of India and Nepal.

Since 2013, Alex has been an independent guide and tour organizer, offering personalized experiences across a diverse range of destinations, including India, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Italy.

With a wealth of experience and a passion for exploration, Alex is committed to providing unique and enriching travel experiences for those seeking a blend of spirituality, adventure, and cultural immersion.