Banaue Rice Terraces.

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Banaue (map) is a town in the Cordillera mountain range in the north of the island of *Luzon, in the Philippines. It is mainly visited for its stunning Banaue Rice Terraces, which are designated a National Cultural Treasure.

Rice terraces. Sometimes called the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, the 2000-year-old Banaue rice terraces are a designated National Cultural Treasure, and while many are still in use, the outer rims are showing signs of deterioration. They were created by the Ifugao (local native people), in a massive engineering project to cover the sides of the valleys (probably 200 m from floor to rim) for several miles.

Also сheck оut мore info: *Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras

This inscription has five sites: the Batad Rice Terraces, Bangaan Rice Terraces (both in *Banaue), Mayoyao Rice Terraces (in *Mayoyao), Hungduan Rice Terraces (in Hungduan) and Nagacadan Rice Terraces (in *Kiangan), all in *Ifugao Province, Philippines. The Ifugao Rice Terraces reach a higher altitude and were built on steeper slopes than many other terraces.

Batad (map). While the rice terraces of Banaue are mud-walled, those of Batad are stone-walled. They form an amphitheatre and are an impressive sight. 15 km on bad roads, followed by a 40-minute downhill hike, but worth it. There are a number of hostels and guest houses in the small village there, overlooking the rice terraces. If weather and time permit, Batad is probably a better place to spend the night than Banaue.

There is a public jeepney plying the Banaue to Saddle Point (start of trek to Batad village) route daily. Banaue to Saddle Point is around 2 to 4PM while the Saddle Point to Banaue jeepney is around 9:30AM to 10:30AM. They may take extra trips during the peak season (e.g. Holy week). Head on to the Banaue public market and ask around.

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World FAMOUS Banaue Rice Terraces! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?

In this video we visit the World FAMOUS Banaue Rice Terraces! We took a long 10 hour overnight bus from Manila and we can tell you.. it was 100% worth it!! Stunning green rice terraces going all the way up the mountain sides are more than words can even explain!

Our guide took us from view point to view point looking at the most remarkable landscapes we have ever seen. Afterwards we hiked through the also beautiful Hapao rice terraces and finished our day at the hot springs. This is an absolute must in the Philippines no questions!!

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