Beats for Love.

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Beats for Love is an electronic dance music festival held at the heart of the Industrial National Monument (map). The surroundings of Lower Vítkovice area, full of iron scenery, will be filled with plenty of outstanding music and rich accompanying program for four days.

This creates a unique atmosphere full of fun and enjoyment. „We managed to create the largest electronic dance festival in the heart of Europe. By music we connect people across cultures. We believe that the Beats for Love festival will be one of the most significant events in Europe and that we will have more and more satisfied fans.“ [BEATS FOR LOVE]

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DOLNI VÍTKOVICE – a world-unique area in the centre of Ostrava where coal was mined between 1828 to 1998 and where raw iron was produced. Nowadays the industrial complex has turned into a unique educational, social and cultural centre with supraregional reach.

Every day it serves all small and large inhabitants of Ostrava and tourists from all over the world. The skip lift goes to the top of blast furnace no. 1, in the Gong Hall – a former gasometer – there are professional conferences and international congresses taking place, and the Small Technical World U6 is a place for kids and even parents to play in.

There is also a Large Technical World in the area which shows science and technology as a fun game. The cultural district Hlubina attracts not only musicians and bands, but also sculptors, graphic artists, visual artists, concert lovers and other cultural events.


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BUS: International bus service: Eurolines and RegioJet. Cheap tickets from Poland are offered by FlixBus.

TRAIN: The journey between the two biggest cities (Prague and Brno) takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. Most trains are operated by the state company Czech Railways (České Dráhy – ČD) + LEO ExpressRegioJet.

AIRPORT: Václav Havel Airport – about 10 km west of the centre of Prague. – is a good source for cycling information – switch the map (via Změnit mapu – Turistická) to see cycling routes in violet color.

Beats for Love 2022 @ Official aftermovie.

The time has finally come. 😍 Official Beats for Love 2022 aftermovie is here! Think back to the best party of this summer or find out what you missed out on and where you have to go next year. All you need is one click that may change your life! 🤩 Sign up for the event Beats for Love 2023 ♡ Official Event so you don’t miss any info, buy a ticket at and start counting down the days. We’ll see you again from 5th to 8th July 2023 at the 9th edition of Beats for Love!

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