Kingdom of Belgium.

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Discover Belgium, where medieval cities like Bruges and Ghent enchant with their canals and castles. Immerse yourself in art and history in Brussels and Antwerp, savor exquisite chocolate and waffles, and explore the Ardennes’ natural beauty. Experience vibrant festivals, diverse beer culture, and a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern allure.

Discover Belgian chocolate – a true art that seems to melt in your mouth. And try aromatic waffles, which can be found on every corner. But that’s not all! Belgium is known for its diverse beer – from classics to unique brews that will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs.

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Brussels: The capital city of Belgium is a must-visit destination. Explore the iconic Grand Place (map), admire the Atomium (map), visit the European Parliament (map), and indulge in delicious Belgian chocolate and waffles.

Bruges: Known as the “Venice of the North,” Bruges (map) is a picturesque medieval town with charming canals, cobblestone streets, and well-preserved architecture. Don’t miss the Belfry of Bruges (map), the Basilica of the Holy Blood (map), and take a boat ride along the canals.

Ghent: This historic city (map) is famous for its medieval architecture and vibrant atmosphere. Visit the stunning Saint Bavo’s Cathedral (map), the Gravensteen Castle (map), and explore the picturesque Graslei (map) and Korenlei (map) waterfront.

Antwerp: Known for its fashion, arts, and diamonds, Antwerp (map) offers a blend of historical and modern attractions. Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady (map), explore the Antwerp Zoo (map), and enjoy shopping in the trendy fashion district.

Leuven: Home to one of the oldest universities in Europe, Leuven (map) boasts a beautiful historic center. Visit the stunning Town Hall (map), explore the Grand Beguinage (map), and sample local beers at one of the many traditional pubs.

Dinant: Nestled along the Meuse River, Dinant (map) is a charming town with scenic landscapes and a rich history. Don’t miss the imposing Citadel of Dinant (map), the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame (map), and take a boat cruise along the river.

Waterloo: History enthusiasts can visit Waterloo (map), the site of the famous Battle of Waterloo. Explore the battlefield, visit the Wellington Museum (map), and learn about the historic events that took place here.

The Ardennes: Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the beautiful Ardennes region (map). It offers picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and kayaking.


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Art and Architecture: Belgium is renowned for its impressive art and architectural heritage. Brussels’ Grand Place (map), with its stunning medieval architecture, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally, cities like Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp boast exquisite Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Art enthusiasts can visit world-class museums like the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels (map) and the Groeningemuseum in Bruges (map), which house works by famous Flemish painters.

Belgium has a rich brewing tradition and is home to a vast array of beer styles. Beer enthusiasts can explore breweries, such as the Trappist breweries of Chimay and Westvleteren, and visit beer-related attractions like the Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels or the Bruges Beer Experience museum. Cities like Brussels and Leuven offer numerous traditional beer cafes and bars where visitors can sample a wide range of Belgian beers. — web’s most comprehensive guide to Belgian beers and breweries written especially for beer aficionados.

* Trappist beer is brewed by Trappist monks. Thirteen Trappist monasteries—six in Belgium, two in the Netherlands, and one each in Austria, Italy, England, France, and Spain—currently produce beer, but the Authentic Trappist Product label is assigned by the International Trappist Association (ITA) to just ten breweries which meet their strict criteria.

Chimay Brewery (wiki) is a brewery at Scourmont Abbey (map), a Trappist monastery in Chimay, Hainaut, one of the thirteen breweries worldwide that produce Trappist beer.

Orval Brewery (wiki) is a Trappist brewery within the walls of the Abbaye Notre-Dame d’Orval (map) in the Gaume region.

Rochefort Brewery (wiki) is associated with the Rochefort Abbey (map), a Trappist monastery which originated in the 13th century.

Westmalle Brewery (wiki) is a Trappist brewery in the Westmalle Abbey (map).

Westvleteren Brewery (wiki) The brewery’s three beers have acquired an international reputation for taste and quality; Westvleteren 12 is considered by some to be the best beer in the world / Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus (map).

Belgium has a well-developed cycling infrastructure, making it a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts. The country offers scenic routes, including the picturesque Flanders and Ardennes regions.

Cyclists can explore the iconic Muur van Geraardsbergen, tackle the challenging climbs of the Ardennes, or simply enjoy leisurely rides along canals and countryside paths.

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  • EuroVelo | Belgian routes: Biking along the EuroVelo routes in Belgium is easy, fun and accessible for all, including families with young children and seniors.

Christmas Markets: During the festive season, Belgium’s cities transform into winter wonderlands with enchanting Christmas markets. Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Liege are known for their magical markets featuring stalls selling crafts, decorations, food, and mulled wine.

Brussels Christmas MarketBruges Christmas MarketGhent Christmas MarketLiege The Christmas Village

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BUS: De Lijn operates bus and tram services throughout Flanders, while the Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport (SRWT/Tec) operates services in Wallonia. Brussels has its own public transport company called STIB/MIVB, which operates buses, trams, and the metro within the city.

TRAIN: – Use the official journey planner operated by the National Railway Company of Belgium to find train itineraries and prices. + ThalysSNCFEurostarDeutsche Bahn

AIRPORT: Brussels Airport, also known as Zaventem due to the town in which it is mainly located, is Belgium’s main airport. Brussels South Charleroi Airport, about 50 km (31 mi) south of Brussels, mostly serves low-cost carriers.

Flanders celebrates 2015 as the “year of the beer”.

Belgium is a beer-lover’s paradise, with over 1.500 different original beers, many with their own personalized beer glasses in which that beer, and only that beer, may be served. The shape of each glass is made to enhance the flavor of the beer for which it is designed.

This strict beer separatism may seem like behavior usually reserved for wine snobbery, but Belgians do take their beer seriously – and with good reason.

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