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Cappadocia (map) is an area in Central Anatolia in Turkey best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved in the rocks. Touristic Cappadocia includes 4 cities: *Nevşehir (map), *Kayseri (map), Aksaray (map) and Niğde (map).

 Also сheck оut мore info: Escape to Turkey’s Otherworldly Landscape (

Among the most visited underground cities are Derinkuyu (map), Kaymakli (map), Gaziemir (map) and Ozkonak (map). The best historic mansions and cave houses for tourist stays are in *Ürgüp (map), *Göreme (map), Guzelyurt (map) and *Uçhisar (map).

Zelve Open Air Museum (map) – a ghost town with lots of caves. It’s about 10 km from *Göreme (map) or 5 km from Avanos (map). Zelve is also one the most impressing valleys in the region offering a more disorganised and rough hike.

*Ihlara Valley (Ihlara Vadisi, map) – lots of churches carved into rocks, and a beautiful canyon. You are urged to walk along the valley and explore the churches and its numerous frescoes. This valley is about an hour west of the core of Cappadocia, i.e. *Ürgüp / *Göreme area.

Gümüşler Monastery (10 km from Niğde in the village of Gümüşler, map). Spectacular monastery carved in rock, hidden from the outside world. Dated at 10-11th century and only recovered in the 1960s.

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Due to its location, roundtrip bus travel to Cappadocia can be tiring, and air travel expensive. If you book your ticket in time, flights tickets can be as cheap as a bus ticket. Many people visit as part of a larger circular tour of Western Turkey, usually utilizing the well-developed intercity bus system and/or one-way flights.

BUS: Most of the bus companies have bus services to *Nevsehir (map) and *Göreme (map). Getting from *Kayseri (map) to Cappadocia (Göreme and Nevsehir) is easy and takes less than an hour. The four biggest bus companies are: Metro BusPamukkaleUlusoyKamil Koç.

Tickets: or – check both, they have different companies.

TRAIN: The train operator is TCDD, Turkish Republic State Railways.

AIRPORT: Turkey’s chief international gateway by air is Istanbul Airport.

Things To Know Before Going To CAPPADOCIA | Turkey Travel Guide.

Cappadocia is one of our favourite places in Turkey. Most people tend to only visit for 3-5 days. We stayed for 2 weeks and loved every single moment. There’s so many things to see and do in Cappadocia. We hope this video helps with your own trip planning before you visit Cappadocia.

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