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Athens: The capital city of Greece, Athens is a historical and cultural hub. It is home to iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis of Athens (map), Parthenon (map), and Ancient Agora (map). Visitors can explore archaeological sites, museums, vibrant neighborhoods like Plaka (map), and experience the modern side of the city.

Santorini: Known for its stunning sunsets and picturesque white-washed buildings, Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands. It offers breathtaking views of the Caldera (map), volcanic beaches, charming villages like Oia (map) and Fira (map), and delicious local cuisine.

Thessaloniki: Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki, combines history, culture, and a vibrant atmosphere. It has a rich Byzantine and Ottoman heritage, with notable sites such as the White Tower (map), Rotunda (map), and Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (map). The city also boasts a lively food and nightlife scene.

Heraklion: Located on the island of Crete, Heraklion is a popular tourist city with a mix of historical and natural attractions. The highlight is the ancient Palace of Knossos (map), associated with the Minoan civilization. Visitors can explore the city’s Venetian fortress, vibrant markets, and enjoy the beautiful beaches nearby.

Rhodes Town: Situated on the island of Rhodes, Rhodes Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history and well-preserved medieval architecture. The Old Town, enclosed by impressive fortifications, offers narrow cobblestone streets, a medieval castle, charming squares, and an enchanting atmosphere. The city also boasts beautiful beaches and a vibrant waterfront.

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Athens and Attica: The capital city of Athens and its surrounding region, Attica, are rich in history and culture.

Cyclades Islands: The *Cyclades archipelago is famous for its postcard-perfect Greek islands. Santorini, *Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, and Ios are among the most popular islands, known for their stunning beaches, charming villages, traditional architecture, and vibrant nightlife.

Crete: The largest Greek island, Crete, offers a diverse range of attractions. From the ancient ruins of Knossos (map) and Phaistos to beautiful beaches, picturesque towns like Chania and Rethymno, and the rugged Samaria Gorge, Crete has something for everyone.

Peloponnese: The Peloponnese peninsula is steeped in history and natural beauty. It is home to ancient sites like Olympia (map), Mycenae (map), and Epidaurus (map), as well as scenic landscapes including the Mani Peninsula (map), Nafplio’s charming town (map), and beautiful coastal areas like Costa Navarino.

Ionian Islands: The Ionian Islands, including Corfu, Zakynthos, and Kefalonia, boast lush green landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and charming towns. Visitors can relax on stunning beaches, explore Venetian architecture, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals.

Thessaloniki and Halkidiki: Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, offers a vibrant urban experience with a rich Byzantine history and a lively food and cultural scene. Halkidiki, a popular nearby region, is known for its beautiful coastline, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque seaside villages.

Dodecanese Islands: The Dodecanese Islands, including Rhodes, Kos, and Symi, offer a blend of history, natural beauty, and vibrant island life. Rhodes boasts a well-preserved medieval town, while Kos offers ancient ruins and stunning beaches. Symi is known for its colorful harbor and peaceful atmosphere.

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