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Tourism in Gabon is underdeveloped. Despite this, attractions include beaches, ocean and inland fishing facilities, the falls on the *Ogooué River, and the *Crystal Mountains.

*Libreville is a place where people are very laid back and take things slowly. Don’t worry about time and plans, and enjoy the city. There is not an exhaustive list of things to do. It is a true multicultural town; its people are very welcoming and will show you the true aspects of the city.

The Centre Culturel Français (next to Mbolo, the main supermarket) has a cinema and also hosts occasional expositions and concerts.

If you’d like to relax on a nice deserted beach, you could go to the Cap Esterias where there’s a Arboretum de Reponda Walker or to Cap Santa Clara, about 30 minutes by car from Libreville.

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