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Graz (map) is the capital of Styria (Steiermark) and the second largest city of Austria. Graz maintains a balance between its illustrious past and modern present and features spectacular architecture from all periods, while the warm and sunny climate influenced by the closeness to the Mediterranean makes it a very nice city to visit. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Haus am Luegg / Luegghäuser (map) is a particularly nice example, while the Landhaus (map) and the Rathaus (Town Hall, map) represent the Renaissance style. A good example of Late Gothic architecture can be found at the Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church, map).

Clock Tower (Uhrturm, map) – on the top of the Schloßberg, the symbol of Graz.

The Schlossberg (Schloßberg, map) – the castle perched upon a hill in the middle of the city around which Graz sprang up. The funicular (Schloßbergbahn, map) (10 day and tourist tram/bus ticket covers the ride), and elevator (Schloßberglift, map) will take the effort out of the walk to the top, although to use them would be to miss the wooded paths and some spectacular views.

Kunsthaus (map). Graz’s newest exhibition place. It’s worth a visit, even if you only look at its design from the outside.

Eggenberg Palace (Schloss Eggenberg, map) – Early Baroque architecture with lavish state rooms. There is a €2 fee for entering the park surrounding the castle, which they likely will not charge if you say you intend to take the castle tour.

Armory Zeughaus (Landeszeughaus, map). Contains an amazing collection of arms and armor, from large two-handed swords and maces to the more modern pistols. Originally the local armory was built to readily equip the people in the event of an attack, and so the weapons you’ll see here were made for use, not show.

The Painted House (Gemaltes Haus, map). It is completely covered with frescos (painted in 1742 by Johann Mayer). Herrengasse (map) – the most important shopping street in Graz. It connects the main square (Hauptplatz) with Jakominiplatz.

Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum Stübing (map) an open-air museum containing old farmhouses/farm buildings from all over Austria reassembled in historic setting.

Lurgrotte (map), the most extensive cave system in Austria.

All restaurants have cheap lunch deals (“Mittagsmenü”) (12:00-15:00) or a dish of the day (“Tagesempfehlung”) that are usually very good, fresh and have the best value.

+ It is worth noting that the direct services by train from Vienna to Graz pass through the *Semmering Railway, a rail line listed in the UNESCO World Heritage due to its unique construction. Keep your eyes open! From Vienna to Graz, sit on the left; from Graz to Vienna, sit on the right.


Public transport.

Guide to traveling to and getting around in Austria. – The city has a comprehensive bus network, complementing the Graz tram network consisting of eight lines.

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BUS: Eurolines Austria / ÖBB / InterCityBusFlixBus are one of the leading long-distance providers in Europe. RegioJet are a private Czech coach provider.

TRAIN: The railways are managed by the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB. Wien Hauptbahnhof (map) – is the main railway station in Vienna.

AIRPORT: Vienna International Airport (map), located 18 km (11 mi) southeast of the city center. City Airport Train – non-stop airport transfer to Vienna. + St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport.

FERRY: Riverboats on the Danube include connections with LinzBratislava and Budapest, but are slower and more expensive than other options.

20 Things to do in Graz.

Durch romantische Gassen schlendern. In exklusiven Boutiquen stöbern. Bei einem frischen Glaserl Welschriesling oder Rosé das muntere Treiben am Hauptplatz oder in der Herrengasse beobachten. Genau die Sneaker entdecken, die man schon lange gesucht hat – Schuhgeschäfte sind reichlich vorhanden. Im Franziskanerviertel frische Pasta, Aperol Spritz und italienisches Lebensgefühl genießen.

Sich davon überzeugen, wie schön und modern ein Traditionskaufhaus sein kann, welch tolles Sortiment und wie viele Marken angeboten werden und wie nahe der Uhrturm auf der Freiblick-Terrasse erscheint. Ein Selfie mit Murinsel oder Kunsthaus im Hintergrund schießen und das sprichwörtliche südliche Flair in Graz spüren.

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In this section, you may find information on regulations for travelling and residing in Austria. ⇒ Federal Ministry of the Interior


The main passenger transport operator throughout Austria. These are not only trains, but also buses. + Special offers for tourists.

Visit Vienna.

Our article about the city of Vienna. Information about the city’s attractions, culture, events, and activities. Public transport.

WiFi Hotspots in the city center – Graz offers WLAN free of charge for residents as well as  visitors. Just select  freeGRAZwifi as WLAN hotspot and accept the conditions of use. You may surf the net without further registration.

Austrian National Library: This is the largest library in Austria and provides information on Austria’s cultural heritage, including exhibitions and events.

Vienna Unwrapped: This website provides information on cultural events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and other activities taking place in Vienna and other Austrian cities throughout the year. The website is run by a local travel writer and is updated regularly with the latest information and insider tips.