Marshall Islands.

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Republic of the Marshall Islands (map) is an island country and an associated state of the United States near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean. The capital and largest city is *Majuro. A number of islands are off-limits to tourism (and even to locals) due to US military presence or the residue of nuclear testing.

Don’t expect any spectacular sights, but enjoy the pristine beauty of picture-perfect tropical islands, great scuba diving and windsurfing opportunities and the warm hospitality of the people.

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Approximate flight times: from New York to Majuro is 14 hours; from Tokyo it is 11; from Guam it is eight hours to Majuro and five hours from Honolulu. To give a sense of scale, the journey from Majuro to Jaluit is approximately 40 minutes by plane and 24 hours by boat.

Wet season from May to November; hot and humid; islands border typhoon belt. Tap water is not drinkable. It’s recommended to use bottled water even for brushing your teeth.

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