Prachov Rocks.

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The Prachov Rocks (Prachovské skály, map) are a rock formation approximately 5 kilometres west of Jičín (map). The region where the formations are located is called *Bohemian Paradise, Český ráj in Czech.

There are 2 routes passing through Prachovské rocks. You can tour both at the same time or pick the favoured route. Both start at the Tourist Cottage.

Small route through Prachovské rocks is indicated with yellow tourist sign, and it is 1.5 km long, approximately 45 minutes of easy walking. Large route through Prachovské rocks is indicated with green tourist sign, and it is 3 km long, approximately 2 hours of easy walking.

Among the best-known and most beautiful places in the Prachov Rocks are Bohemian Paradise View Point (Vyhlídka Českého ráje, map), Peace View Point (Vyhlídka Míru, map), the Emperor’s Corridor (Císařova chodba, map) the Leaning Tower (Šikmá věž) and the sculpture of Pelíšek the Elf. The ruins of what was once Pařez Castle (map) are found not far from the Prachov Rocks.

Inside this territory you can only walk. Footpaths are not available for bikes or roller skates. There are two circuits for tourists. The first is easier and also shorter. The other is and longer and the footpaths are sometimes quite dangerous especially for older tourists, but there are more view points and it is more exciting. The best solution is to try both. In the pond you can swim or sunbathe on the shore.

Rock climbers can climb in fact each of 239 rock objects. To go through all the places in the territory of Prachov Rocks you need only one afternoon.


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Prachov rocks – SUMMER.

Prachovské skály tvoří pískovcové skalní město. Díky otevřeným náhorním plošinám můžete využít vyhlídek, z nichž budete mít celý Český ráj jako na dlani. Dále poskytují zájemcům široké možnosti horolezectví…

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