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The Spitzkoppe (map) rises majestically out of the surrounding plains and is visible from great distances away. Spitzkoppe is in the *Erongo region of central Namibia.

The Groot Spitzkoppe is 1728 m above sea level. The Klein Spitzkoppe is 1584 m. There is also Pondok Mountain. The Groot Spitzkoppe is often referred to as the “Matterhorn of Namibia” because of the similarity in shape.

The nearest town is Usakos (map). From the B2, take D1918 to D3716. This is approximately 50 km from Usakos. Be sure to bring plenty of water as there are few facilities in the vicinity.

Best seen when camping overnight as this is when you will have ample opportunity to capture the contrasting light and shadowy patterns as the sun rises and sets, visitors on more of a tight time schedule should try to budget at least 4 hours in the area.

Located at the foot of the sprawling granite formation one will find a beautifully maintained campsite where you can pitch a tent and stay for the night. The camp site consists of several secluded camping sites all of which have braai facilities.

Visitors can pay the small entrance fee or camping fee that the community run reception area at the entrance to the mountains. Camp sites are not allocated allowing you to set up camp wherever you choose.

For safety reasons is it recommended that one or more people should always remain at the camp, close to the vehicle or tent. There are no telephones in the area however there should be mobile phone reception. While the closest hospital is located at Usakos visitors are advised that it is usually better to go to the more modern hospital in Swakopmund, should there be an injury.

A photographer’s dream, its smooth rocks and crags beckon those explorers at heart to dive into its folds. Heavenly substance is rare here – plants have to hoard their precious waters, much like the ancestors of old who once made this desert playground their home.

The granite peaks are both beautiful and desolate – hard to believe that it’s under two hours away from the bustling coastal town of Swakopmund – a place also forged out of nothing on the Skeleton Coast.

Beyond the breathtaking plateaus, Spitzkoppe also offers a climbing amusement park that can rival the Cederberg – experienced enthusiasts can camp right at the base of the top climbs.

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SPITZKOPPE NAMIBIA | You MUST do these things…

Spitzkoppe Namibia – Spitzkoppe is one of Namibia’s hidden gems! We visited this geological oddity for 2 days and got to know the local culture as well as Damara tribe history through a tour of Bushman’s Paradise. Spitzkoppe is often referred to as the “Matterhorn of Namibia”. This is because it is an impressive granite peak of 1,728 meters (5669 ft) that stands alone in the flat desert landscape.

The area is a hikers’ and rock climbers’ paradise with multiple routes and rocks to climb or hike up. If interested in history, there are also guided walks to rock art sites. Highlights include the rock paintings of Bushmen’s paradise cave, the rock arch, the currently dry rock pools, and the awe-inspiring sunset over the plains. Learn about Namibia’s cave paintings during a tour, watch the rock formations, and meet the local people in this Spitzkoppe travel video! We hope this video inspires you to travel to Spitzkoppe Namibia.

⇒ video source: World Wild Hearts /youtube.com/

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