State of Louisiana.

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Louisiana, known as “The Pelican State,” is located in the southeastern region of the United States. Renowned for its unique blend of French, African, Spanish, and Creole cultures, Louisiana is a vibrant state rich in history, music, cuisine, and festivals.

“Not long ago, there was a scientific study that ranked Louisiana as the nation’s happiest state. Many reasons likely led to this distinction, but we’re pretty sure our incredible Louisiana cuisine played a role. Bite into a beignet and see if a smile doesn’t break out.” – Louisiana Office of Tourism.

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New Orleans: The largest city in Louisiana, New Orleans is famous for its rich cultural heritage, historic French Quarter, and lively music scene. Explore the historic architecture, enjoy the flavors of Creole cuisine, and immerse yourself in the city’s festivals, including Mardi Gras.

Baton Rouge: The state capital, Baton Rouge offers historical attractions like the Old Louisiana State Capitol and the USS Kidd Veterans Museum. It’s also home to Louisiana State University (LSU).

Lafayette: Known as the heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette celebrates Acadian culture, with vibrant music and delicious cuisine. Enjoy traditional Cajun and Zydeco music at local venues and savor regional dishes.

Shreveport: Located in the northwest, Shreveport offers riverfront casinos, cultural festivals, and historical sites like the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum.

French Quarter (New Orleans): Explore the historic heart of the city with its iconic architecture, lively bars, and street performers. Don’t miss the vibrant nightlife on Bourbon Street.

Plantation Homes: Tour the antebellum plantations along the Mississippi River, such as Oak Alley, Laura, and Nottoway, to learn about the region’s history and architecture.

Bayou Tours: Experience the unique beauty of Louisiana’s swamps and bayous on guided airboat or boat tours, where you might spot alligators and diverse wildlife.

Tabasco Sauce Factory (Avery Island): Visit the Tabasco sauce factory on Avery Island to see how this iconic hot sauce is made, and explore the Jungle Gardens, a beautiful natural area.

Annual Events

Mardi Gras (New Orleans): The world-famous Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans features parades, masquerade balls, and vibrant street performances in the weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday.

Jazz Fest (New Orleans): The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival celebrates the city’s rich music traditions with a diverse lineup of artists and cultural exhibits.

Festival International de Louisiane (Lafayette): This international music and arts festival in Lafayette showcases a wide range of world cultures through music, dance, and cuisine.

Louisiana’s unique cultural heritage, music, cuisine, and festive atmosphere make it a captivating destination for travelers. Whether you’re reveling in the vibrant streets of New Orleans, indulging in Creole and Cajun dishes, exploring the natural beauty of bayous, or experiencing the state’s historical plantations, Louisiana offers an unforgettable and lively experience in the Deep South.


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AIRPORT: The largest airports are in Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport.

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New Orleans, Louisiana: A lively city blending Creole cuisine, jazz, and historic charm in the heart of the French Quarter.

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