State of South Dakota.

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South Dakota, often known as the “Mount Rushmore State,” is a state located in the northern Great Plains region of the United States. It’s celebrated for its stunning natural landscapes, rich Native American heritage, and iconic national monuments. South Dakota offers a blend of rugged outdoor adventure and cultural significance.

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial: One of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, featuring the faces of four U.S. presidents carved into the Black Hills, making it a symbol of American history and democracy.

Badlands National Park: A unique and otherworldly landscape characterized by rugged canyons, dramatic spires, and abundant wildlife, providing opportunities for hiking, camping, and scenic drives.

Custer State Park: A picturesque park known for its diverse wildlife, including bison and pronghorn, as well as stunning scenery, offering outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife viewing.

Sioux Falls: The largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls is celebrated for its urban parks, vibrant arts scene, and the beautiful Falls Park, featuring waterfalls and historic sites.

Rapid City: A gateway to the Black Hills, Rapid City offers a mix of historic charm, shopping, and access to nearby attractions like Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Aberdeen: A city known for its welcoming community, the city hosts cultural events, outdoor activities, and a vibrant arts scene.

Crazy Horse Memorial: An ongoing colossal sculpture in progress, dedicated to the legendary Native American warrior, Crazy Horse, featuring a visitor center and Native American exhibits.

Wind Cave National Park: A unique park known for its extensive cave system, offering tours of the underground world and hiking in the park’s prairie and forested landscapes.

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site: A historic site that preserves and interprets the history of the Cold War and the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Jewel Cave National Monument: The third-longest cave in the world, with guided tours showcasing stunning underground chambers and rock formations.

Lewis and Clark Recreation Area (Yankton): A beautiful state park offering camping, fishing, boating, and water-based activities along the Missouri River.

Annual Events

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (Sturgis): One of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world, attracting bikers and enthusiasts from around the globe.

Buffalo Roundup (Custer State Park): An annual event where cowboys and cowgirls round up and drive the park’s bison herd, providing a spectacle for visitors.

SculptureWalk (Sioux Falls): An outdoor art exhibition featuring sculptures by local and international artists displayed throughout downtown Sioux Falls.

Sioux Empire Fair (Sioux Falls): A beloved event featuring a wide range of entertainment, from concerts to rodeos, carnival rides, and agricultural exhibits.

South Dakota offers a remarkable blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and iconic landmarks. Whether you’re gazing at the faces of Mount Rushmore, exploring the rugged landscapes of Badlands National Park, or experiencing the cultural significance of the Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota provides a unique travel experience that celebrates American history and the breathtaking wilderness of the northern Great Plains.


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BUS: Jefferson Lines

TRAIN: AMTRAK | eTicketing | Interactive Map. South Dakota is one in only 3 states (the others being Hawaii and Wyoming) not served by any intercity passenger rail.

AIRPORT: South Dakota is served by two major airports, Sioux Falls Regional Airport, in the southeast, and Rapid City Regional Airport, in the west.

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The Travel South Dakota Stories Podcast.

Close your eyes. Listen to the rustle of the prairie grass. Hear the sounds of snorting bison in Custer State Park, of cards being shuffled in Deadwood. Imagine being there with The Travel South Dakota Stories, a new podcast that takes deep dives into the land of infinite variety. Hosted by award-winning travel writer Brian Thacker, these interviews with expert guides and local characters will remind you that there’s always more to discover in South Dakota.

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