Public Transport in Singapore.

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MyTransport.SG APP – ( Android | iOS ) – provides real-time traffic updates, public transport schedules and routes, and information on parking and car-related services.

SimplyGo. An initiative introduced by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, and save yourself the hassle of carrying a separate travel card. Your train and bus fares will be processed and charged to your bank account or credit/debit card bill directly – it’s this fuss free.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) | Transport Tools | Map – information on public transport services, road and traffic information, and policies related to transportation in Singapore.

Public Transport Council (PTC) – information on fares, feedback mechanisms, and customer service standards for public transport operators.

EZ-Link / TransitLink – ticketing and concession card provider for public transport services in Singapore.

Land Transport Guru is a website that provides information on Singapore’s public transport system.



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BusRouter SG – BusRouter SG is a website and mobile app that provides real-time bus arrival timings, bus routes, and directions in Singapore.

The main bus operators in Singapore ⇒ SBS BusSMRT • Go-Ahead • Tower Transit.

Special overnight routes ⇒ SMRT NightRiderNite Owl.


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SMRT ⇒ the North-South Line, East-West Line, Circle Line, Thomson-East Coast Line and the Bukit Panjang LRT.

SBS ⇒ the North East Line and the Downtown Line, and the Sengkang-Punggol LRT.


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Unless you’re driving all of your suitcases across the Woodlands or Tuas links, or you’re coming on a slow boat from somewhere, you’ll be landing at Changi Airport when you arrive in Singapore.


Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are connected by a complimentary Skytrain service in both the public and transit areas. Operating hours: 0430 – 0130 hrs


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Marina South Ferries is a ferry transportation service that provides both public and private charters to the Southern Islands of Singapore. + Explore Singapore’s islands. Find out the ferry services available for your destinations ⇒ Ferry Operators.

Singapore offers River Cruises in a traditional bumboat for Tourists that runs every 20-30 minutes ⇒ WaterB River Cruise • Singapore River Cruise

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The scarce land space here means interaction with other drivers are plenty, there are simply no long relaxing roads that weave around beautiful sceneries for you to enjoy a slow paced leisurely drive (or a fun, spirited drive).

Chances are you are either sitting in a jam on the way to work or are having a hard time navigating through the sea of slow moving ‘turtles’ trying not to miss your exit, needless to say, the heavy traffic is definitely one of the worst aspects of driving in Singapore.

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