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Republic of Uzbekistan has the largest population among all the Central Asian countries, and a heritage of the Silk Road. The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is *Tashkent. *Bukhara (map) — a legendary Silk Road capital, 2,500 years old, the historical center of which is a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with magnificent examples of monumental, medieval Islamic and Central Asian architecture.

*Samarkand (map) — the nation’s second largest city, the whole of which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, home to the most famous Silk Road attraction of them all, the Registan.

*Shakhrisabz (map) — a small city, whose historical center is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its impressive monuments from the Timurid Dynasty. Ancient *Khiva (map) is one of three most important tourism centers of Uzbekistan with historical cultural and ethnographic potential.

The most comfortable way to travel between the major tourist cities in Uzbekistan is by train. The timetable is available online >> Intercity buses are uncomfortable. No more uncomfortable than other intercity buses in this part of the world, but the constant hooting, bickering locals, tinny Russian music videos and ever-present smell of sausages can make for an irritating journey.

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